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Your application will be considered on its individual merits at all levels of entry – degree, foundation, kick-start etc. If you have not been in education for some time be assured that we will take into account non-formal qualifications and work experience. We will contact you to discuss your circumstances and individual options.

Please list your qualifications, including all short courses, professional courses and academic courses etc – they can help you meet the admissions requirements. . Do so even if you are still awaiting the results. Start with the most recent qualification and work back. You may use the additional field. Don't worry if you're unsure of exact dates at this time.

*Please complete this column for each case in which you required a visa to undertake study. The UKVI has introduced a limit to the time that International students on Tier 4 Student Visa at degree level are given leave to remain. Full details are available at

You are required to provide evidence of the qualifications you have achieved for your application to be considered. Please email your qualifications (Level 2 and higher) to quoting your full name, date of birth and course you've applied for. If you are waiting for your results, a copy of your certificate must be provided once it is available and before you may enrol.

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Write about why you wish to study this course, what skills and experiences you have and any other information that may be relevant to your application. We advise that you complete this section in a Word document and then paste it into the application when you’ve finished it. If you’re having trouble completing this section or need some advice, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.


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Please provide the contact details for your primary referee. This should be a professional person who you are not related to, such as a tutor, who has known you for at least one year.


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Do you have a relevant criminal conviction? Please see the 'How to apply' section of our website for guidance. NOTE – please only answer this question if the course you are applying for requires a DBS as part of its conditions of entry (see the entry requirements for the course you are applying for to confirm this). If your course DOES NOT require a DBS, please select ‘Not Applicable’ to this question)
Have you ever been in Local Authority care?   Please answer if you are an applicant from the UK
Do you or any of your parents, step-parents or guardians have any Higher Education qualifications, such as a Degree, Diploma or Certificate of Higher Education?
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By submitting this application, I confirm that the information I have provided, along with all supporting evidence is accurate, current and complete and I agree to notify the University immediately if any of this information should change. The University reserves the right to withdraw an offer if information is received which indicates that the information provided during the application process was not accurate. I have read and understood Wrexham Glyndwr University’s Tuition Fee Regulations and Admissions Policy. I understand that the information provided is confidential, but may be passed to official UK government bodies to assist them with their duties if requested, or to provide statistics to statutory agencies. If applying for a heath-board/trust nominated or funded programme, my details may be passed on to the relevant health-board so they have a record of my application. The information will also be used to help us to provide our students with appropriate support on the commencement of their studies.

The information you have provided us with (your email address, telephone number and postal address) may be used by the admissions office to communicate with you about your application and to gain any further details we need from you to process your decision. We will also use your email address to communicate information to you that may be helpful to you prior to you joining our university which will include details of our accommodation provision, information about our university that you may find useful and upcoming subject/open days. You may withdraw consent for us to contact you at any point by emailing